Followers, Contributors & New Members of @BipolarUs: U R Abt 2 Embark Upon the Gr8 Crusade •

Followers, Contributors and New Members of @BipolarUs: 

You Are About to Embark upon the Great Crusade, Toward Which We Have Striven These Many Years. The Eyes of the World Are upon You. The Hopes and Prayers of Mentally Ill People Everywhere March with You. 

In Company with Our Brave Allies and Brothers-In-Arms on Other Fronts You Will Bring About the Destruction of The Stigma War Machine, the Elimination of Tyranny over Oppressed Bipolar Disorder Sufferes, and Bring Acceptance for Our People in a Free World. 

Your Task Will Not Be an Easy One. Your Enemy Is Well Trained, Well Equipped and Battle-Hardened. They Will Fight Savagely. 

I Have Full Confidence in Your Courage, Devotion to Duty, and Skill in Battle. We Will Accept Nothing Less Than Full Victory. 

Good Luck! And Let Us All Beseech the Blessing of Almighty Fortune upon This Great and Noble Undertaking.