Medication Is the Sword While Therapy Is the Shield. *Personally, I Prefer Not to Fight Bare Fisted • • @phoenixchix

Medication Is the Sword While Therapy Is the Shield. *Personally, I Prefer Not to Fight Bare Fisted 

Personally, I Noticed That Meds Helped During a Crisis, to Resolve It, but Didn’t Prevent the next Crisis • @phoenixchix

Medication Must Be Utilized for the Long Term. You Can’t Simply Take Medication When You Feel Like It, That’s Not How It Works. It’s All About Brain Chemistry That You Can’t Control Through Sheer Willpower Alone. When You Are Unstable, Taking Medication Daily Helps Soften That Blow Instead of Relying on a Unmedicated Mind That Can Throw You into Chaos. 

Therapy Prevented the next Crisis. It Taught Me to ID Early S/S of Stress & My Responses That Didn’t Work • @phoenixchix

The Best Treatment Consists of Medication and Counseling. Unfortunately Talk Therapy Alone Will Not Stabilize Your Brain Chemistry but It Will Help You Manage Your Affairs Better While You Travel Through This World with a Unmedicated Mind. 

Therapy Taught Me Responses to Stress That Did Work So to Me, Meds Are Good in Crisis, but Not Maintenance • @phoenixchix

Like I’ve Said in the past There Are Individuals Who Have Been Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Who Can Live a Life Free of Medication and Counseling but Mark My Words, People Such as Yourself Are the Minorities with Slim Numbers Compared to the Vast Sufferers Who Reside on My Side of the Fence. We Rely on the Best Treatment Because We Want the Best Outcomes Not Just for Ourselves, but for Society as a Whole. When We Get Better and Are Able to Remain Relatively Stable for the Long Run, Then the World Wins Because We Become Productive Members of Society and Your Ethos Would Jeopardize That. 

And Long Term Use (Maintenance) Is Where the Harmful Sided Effects Happen. Also, Not All Drs “Know Better” • @phoenixchix

True, Harmful Side Effects Happen to Some but Not All. For the Most Part, Patients Work with Their Doctors Early on and If Levels Are off or You Just Can’t Deal with Certain Side Effects Then the Appropriate Measures Will Be Taken by the Medical Staff. Doctors Are Highly Intelligent as a Group and Sure, Some May Make Continuous Mistakes but on Average, Would I Trust a Doctor with My Life and the Answer Is Yes. Science Is My Religion and Doctors Are My Priests. We Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Medical Science for Fine Tuning Our Treatment and Supplying Us with State of the Art Resources to Combat This Terrible Brain Disease.   

There Is Not “One Tx Fits All”. This Affects People in Different Ways. A Good Dr Will Listen to the Pt & Find What Works 4 Each • @phoenixchix

But There Is the Best Treatment Which Utilizes Medication and Counseling. If a Patient Can’t Take Medication or Is Unresponsive to It, Then Other Measures Can Be Taken Such as ECT or Additional Forms of Treatment. There Are Alternatives for People but Not the Best Alternatives. Only Science Can Save Us. 

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One thought on “Medication Is the Sword While Therapy Is the Shield. *Personally, I Prefer Not to Fight Bare Fisted • • @phoenixchix”

  1. In despiration, I had ECT, becasue while in the hospital I saw all the patients getting better within days except for some short term menory loss that eventually goes away. I didn’t forget anything. I even knew the exact time they began the treatment and I didn’t get any better, and I haven’t found a med that works since Zoloft almost 25 years ago. I am about to give up.

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