Hi, My Name Is Adam J. Gonzales and I Was Diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder • http://wp.me/p649Pa-40a • #BipoIarUs

Hi, My Name Is Adam J. Gonzales and I Was Diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder During the Summer of 2007 but I’ve Always Struggled with Mental Illness Since the Age of Four. When I Was an Adolescent, I Suffered Needlessly from Severe Depression and I Remember That Was the Darkest Period of My Life. 

What I Remember Most Was the Isolation and Fear of My Own Thoughts. Everyday Was a Battle and I Had Never Felt So Alone, as If the Only Person Who Understood Me Was the Same Young Man Who Stared Back as I Looked in the Mirror. 

That’s Why I Created @BipolarUs in Order to Show the New Generation of Sufferers That We Are No Longer Alone. @BipolarUs Offers a State of the Art Social Media Experience Which Includes Rapid Response to Questions and Inquiries, the Ability to Personally Connect with Thousands of Followers Who Also Suffer from Bipolar Disorder, and up to Date Information That Is Both Insightful and Entertaining.  

I’m Reaching out to You Today Because @BipolarUs Is Becoming More Important Than a Mere Hobby and I Want to Devote Myself Full-Time to This Cause. I Will Need Participation from Empathetic Followers in Order to Prepare for the Future in Which I Envision an @BipolarUs App, a Professional Staff That Is Licensed to Answer Difficult Medical Questions and a Headquarters Located in the Heart of Los Angeles, CA. 

In Order to Get There, We Must Start Here. Thus, I Beg You to #RetweetReblogShare @BipolarUs Content in Order to Spread the Message Across the World. Everyday We Are Helping People Live Better Lives and That Is a Powerful Statement but We Could Always Do More. 

Join Me and Help Usher in a New Era of Treatment for Those Who Feel Hopeless About Their Condition and Bring About Awareness to the Ones Who Quite Don’t Understand Us Yet. I Thank You for Your Time and May the Light Guide Your Path.

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FollowUs @BipolarUs: A Global Bipolar Support Group • @BipoIarPlus • @BipoIarUs • BipoIarUs@Outlook.com • Reddit.com/r/Bipolar • Hack.chat/?BipolarUs

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