To the people who glorify mental illness for some reason, let me break down all the parts that a lot of people tend to not talk about.

Mental illness is not being able to shower for days on end, it’s sleeping all day and rotting away in your bed, it’s your room developing a funky smell that you can’t even smell because you’re so used to being in it, it’s going everywhere with a certain person because you can’t go alone, it’s crying in public, it’s sweating in public, it’s not doing your laundry as often as you should, it’s leaving the room to cry while there’s a friend gathering going on because you can’t handle being around so many people at that time, it’s losing most of the people you knew because they eventually got tired of you and now you’re only left with one or two people who you depend on so much that you’re scared they’ll leave too, it’s getting into a relationship with someone and crying because you feel undeserving of love or that they’ll abandon you like everyone else, it’s wearing the same pajamas for days, it’s not going outside for days or even a week or more and the only time you do go out is to see your therapist or psychiatrist, it’s losing interest in everything you once loved doing and now you just lay around all day, it’s getting angry at people who don’t deserve it, it’s getting motivation out of nowhere and then losing it and you’re back to where you once were, it’s hypersexuality or being completely repulsed by sex, it’s disassociation, it’s being purposely isolated but needing people to coddle you at the same time.

THIS is mental illness.

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