i’m sorry, but i need to make a psa:

having anxiety, depression, add, bipolar, or any other sort of mental issue is real.  don’t put someone down for having this.  everyone is different and has their own story going through different events in their life.  nothing is wrong with you or them, everyone is their own unique person.  it’s not just “laziness,” excuses, or lack of motivation.  if you or someone around you that you care about suffers and struggles with this, love and support them. understand, or if you can’t at least try to and help them and talk to them about it if they’re comfortable; work with them.  don’t criticize them or put them down because that just makes it a million times worse.  don’t call them lazy or wanting attention.  some people really want to do good and the things they want to do but something in their head is holding them back and causing them issues; it’s truly quite frustrating to want to do something so bad but your head just won’t let you.  they can block you and prevent you from moving yourself forward like you want to be.  you can feel like you’re not even yourself and not even know why.  don’t pretend to have these issues either.  psychiatrist visits, therapy sessions, blood work, and medicines aren’t fun and it doesn’t make you more cute or cool.  that being said, if you have these sorts of issues, stay strong you got this.  you can get through this, there are people who care and want to help you; you just may not see it.  if you don’t see it, then don’t be afraid to reach out, there will be people who criticize you but there will be people who will understand and help you as much as they can, so reach to them.  you’d be surprised who’s there and understands.  if you need it, don’t be afraid to get help.  for some things you may not even need to take medicine and can use coping skills.  some issues are situational and you might just need a little helping hand to help you get through it until you can stand on your own two feet again.  if you need medicine, try it see if it helps.  worse comes to worse, if it doesn’t work talk to your doctor, get it adjusted or get off the medicine if you think you can deal on your own.  be patient it can take time to get your meds right and once you do, you get to such a better, more manageable place.  stay strong and keep trucking guys.  i send my positive vibes and energy out to all of you wonderful beings.  it gets better.  and remember, never let anything hold you back.

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