I’m bipolar with severe insomnia. It’s nearly impossible for me to get to sleep let alone stay asleep beyond a couple hours. If it’s dark I’m awake. But mixing that with my bipolar it makes the nights so hard everything switches and the outside is as dark as the inside. If that makes sense. I’ve been clean of self harm for 6 months but nights like tonight make me question it. I need the control and being so up and down shows I have no control and it’s literally pushing all my limits tonight


Hey sweetie, I’m sorry you’re having a tough time lately. Have you consider talking to someone about this ? I’m sure you are being followed by a doctor, but have you told him/her that right now things are not working out ? Maybe there is a different combination of medication, or maybe some counseling would help, maybe there are some techniques you haven’t heard of yet. There is always a way to help a little more, even just talking about your frustrations can help a lot in self harm control.

Good luck honey, and I hope everything works out

~ Bea

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