Hi, so lately i’ve been feeling like I want to stop therapy. I have depression, anxiety, osfed, and either bpd or rapid cycling bipolar II. I still have eating issues and I self harm about once a week/every two weeks. I am often depressed and have lots of anxiety (mainly social). But I just feel like therapy isn’t helping anymore. It brought me out of a very bad place, but now I’m just… stagnant. But I’m functioning. And therapy is $40 each time. I don’t really see the point in going (pt 1/2)


(pt 2/2) anymore?? Like I don’t think therapy is giving me anything that I can’t do for myself. Idk, just looking for some guidance I guess. please tag as bc15, thanks 🙂

Hey anon,

My recommendation would be to have a discussion about this with your therapist. Let them know that you don’t feel like therapy is helping any more, and ask how they can help to further your recovery.

Give your therapist the chance to change therapy to start helping you again before deciding to give up on it.

best of luck.



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