I am sick and tired of people telling me that bipolar disorder is better than other disorders (or at least, unipolar depression) because there’s a manic state. Look, first of all, manic states are much shorter than depressive states. Most of the time, you’re going to be depressed rather than happy. Right now, my depression has been going on for a long time, whereas mania usually lasts a month or two for me. And there are pretty high highs, but the lows are even lower. You’re much more depressed during depression than you are manic during mania. Plus, mania is very dangerous. Even hypomania, which might seem ideal, can lead to very reckless decisions and impulsive behaviour. Every single time that I’ve been manic, I was sent to the hospital, either because I thought I could fly and tried to jump from a building, because I tried to cross traffic thinking that I was invincible, because I acted on impulse and did dangerous things, or because I was so erratic that I couldn’t go out in public. What good is a disorder that either makes you suicidal, sends you to a mental hospital, or gets you killed?


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