I get really really mad like the smallest things will piss me off and I’ll go psycho like if someone ignores my text I’ll usually freak out on them or like punch my leg or something because so pissed n annoyed or like my sister hung up on me and i got really mad and hit myself/sent her a long mean text and ya is that normal or?? // mrc


Hey, mrc! Sorry for the late response.

I don’t believe this is normal, but I am not a professional and can’t tell you if anything is out of the ordinary, unfortunately.

But what I can do is offer some suggestions, but I do recommend speaking with a professional.

It sounds to me like you could be suffering from Anger issues, Bipolar, or another Mood Disorder, all of which you can find information about below.

Bipolar Disorder | Healthline.com

Bipolar and Self Help | Helpguide.org 

Bipolar Disorder | NIMH 

Anger Symptoms, Causes and Effects | Psychguides.com

Anger Management | Helpguide.org

Anger | APA.org

Mood Disorders | Mentalhealthamerica.net 

How to find help treating a mood disorder | Psychguides.com 

Please, seek out help for yourself as I can’t diagnose you, only offer suggestions and alternatives. Try and remember when anger hits to count to ten and then backwards, if you’re still angry then repeat until you’ve calmed yourself, you can also find a list of distractions here.

Above all else, please remember to take care of yourself!

Bí sábháilte! (be safe)



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