I’ve been diagnosed with depression but I think it might be a misdiagnosis for bipolar disorder. What are the symptoms of bpd vs depression so I can try to differentiate and talk to my psychiatrist about getting different meds? Thank you so much, you guys have helped me with a lot of my issues. (please tag kr)


hi kr,

The main difference between these two diagnoses is that in order to be diagnosed with bipolar, you must experience both depression and mania/hypomania. Depression is only part of bipolar, but in order to be diagnosed, you have to have both. Bipolar cycles, whereas depression doesn’t. Depression doesn’t mean you don’t have good days or that you are down all the time, but that’s different than mania.

If you feel you may be misdiagnosed, then I would encourage you to talk to your psychiatrist. Even if it’s not an issue of misdiagnosis, it may be an issue of needing different meds.

Also just wanted to note that bpd is borderline personality disorder and not bipolar.



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