Things I feel on a nearly daily basis.


– Anger, emptiness, deep sadness, bitterness
– Either feels too much or nothing at all
– Decreased appetite most of the time and other times gets really hungry
– Don’t feel like getting out of bed or want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world.
– Procrastinating on things that I know I should do, but don’t have the motivation to do them.
– Don’t want to talk about anything, much less my feelings to other people because I think they won’t understand, don’t know how to describe them, or feel like my tongue is tied or like there’s something holding me back.
– Increased fear of the dark and things that might attack me if I close my eyes for even a moment when I’m trying to go to sleep.
– Not wanting to take medication and even go days without taking morning medicine and delaying taking nighttime medicine.
– Not sticking with one thing for very long even though I worked hard at achieving the thing I was working towards.
– Feelings of loneliness, but also a sense where I don’t want to be around people even though I do want friendship and companionship.


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