Blogging as a Coping Skill


I made some blogging/journaling topics for BPD, Bipolar, anxiety, or just because.

A letter to yourself as a child
A letter to your parents
A letter to someone who has hurt you
A letter to your worst habit
A letter to your best quality
Use the sentence “Her smile wasn’t real”
Write a free poem about the formula for happiness
Start your story with “Never again, it’s a promise"…
Write a story titled “The End” that isn’t about death, a break-up, or the apocalypse
Your views on death, how you cope, etc.
Write about someone you love
Write a poem
Write about your siblings or about being an only child
Write about your relationship with your parents
Write about something you fear
Write about your plans for tomorrow
Where would you like to be in 10 years?
Write 15 interesting facts about yourself
What is something that you miss?
How important do you think education is?
Write your biography from someone else’s point of view
Rant about what bothers you most about the human population
A letter to your future self

If you want to do them, follow me and #thunderstatement so I can read your posts.


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