I don’t think anyone realizes how inconvenient bipolar can be. I was driving home from church today everything going great, singing along to the radio when I just got this overwhelming urge to cry. Completely out of the blue I felt the need to break down in tears even though I have every reason to be happy. It’s so frustrating and confusing when you have it so if you DONT have it it’s impossible to understand. And there’s no cure so you can only get so much healthier.

I feel your pain. There have been many times when I’ve been on top of the world only to be shot down by the slings and arrows of depression. If we can not rid ourselves of this deadly brain disease then we must co-exist with it. I know it sounds unbearable but when you’re thrust downward by uncontrollable forces don’t push against an immovable object, instead allow yourself to be taken downstream on a current of sadness. Protect yourself from harm by confronting it and accepting that the pain will never last forever: even a river must end at sometime.


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