I have mood swings and when I’m good i want to go off all my medication and dont accept help. But when i’m in a bad mood, I realize i still need help and tell myself i will ask my psychiatrist for a change in medication. If i’m in a normal mood i know i will not seek help for myself and it’s scary! is it possible for your mindset to change with moods? I need help but if I’m in a good mood i refuse everything :/ Im diagnosed with gad and ocd i’m not sure if this could be part of those disorders?


Hey anon, I’m so sorry you are going through this right now, it sounds very frustrating! 

The mood swings you’re describing sound a lot like bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder means that you go through two phases: a depressive phase, and a manic phase.

While it’s probably easy to figure out what a depressive phase looks like, manic phases can be a bit trickier. 

What you’re describing when you’re feeling good sounds a lot like a manic phase. While it feels so much better than your depressive phase, it is still not your “normal state.” So while you might feel really good, it is common for people in manic phases to start thinking they don’t need to take their medication.

I would definitely talk to your psychiatrist or therapist about your mood swings. It can be tricky to diagnose disorders like these, but the right diagnosis is essential to finding the right treatment.

It could be that adding a mood-stabilizing medication to your other medications is a good idea. 

It is important to remember though, that it is meant to balance out your overall mood. So when you’re feeling good, it is essential to continue taking your medication, so that you don’t fall so hard when the start of your next phase comes around.

Hang in there, Jessi


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