you are not alone.


who you were before mental illness got you is still there–you aren’t dead–but you will never be that same you from before because you’ve grown. you’ve grown while dealing with so much. you’re alive and still growing. if you feel like you’ve got nothing to show for it or that your life has no impact that doesn’t mean you’re dead. you’re alive and you can only come out of this stronger.

my life hasn’t been my own for fifteen years but i just sort of accepted it as my life and it made me feel dead. i still feel dead but no one is dead till they’re braindead so i’ve gotta be alive. my life gets worse setback by setback but i’m alive so i can still fucking do something about it or literally die trying cause i’m not letting myself give up. i don’t want anyone to just let themselves die.

i don’t have the answers but i know that you’ve got to give this everything you have. do whatever you have to do to get your life back as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. just fucking try it. fight for yourself. you aren’t alone. there are so many of us fighting with you. and i can fake strength like the best of them if you need someone to be strong. don’t give up. let’s fucking do this.

i can’t be wrong here. i can’t be alone in this. right? hello?


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